Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Wreck the Halls

Dv brought me up to the Finger Lakes because he knows how relaxed I feel up there. The Finger Lakes are a group of lakes in upstate NY. The wineries are primarily located on the edges of Seneca, Cayuga (impossible to say w/o thinking of cartoons) and Keuka Lake. Because they are so close together you can go to several wineries in a day. Just pick a lake and the wineries are one after the other. The hardest part is trying to remember which wineries you didn't like last time. Or maybe it's keeping your eyes on the road. There are dozens of small waterfalls everywhere. How could you not relax sitting in a car going from one wine tasting to another gazing at the lake or waterfalls in between? "Deck the Halls" is how. It's a very popular event where people buy a ticket that gets them a grapevine wreath and then they go to each winery to collect ornaments and enjoy food & wine tastings. Sounds nice enough but people go to this thing planning to get trashed. Normally DtH is the just the first weekend in December but because it is so popular they added a weekend in November. We didn't find out until we got there - Whoops. The only good thing was that most of them rented limos so we didn't need to worry about being killed. You should have seen the limos, I think I saw one "normal" limo. There were tons of stretch SUVs including a Durango w the license plate DA RANGO (da is right), 2 stretch Hummers (the really big one's license plate was GODZILA), a stretch Charger, a stretch pick-up(!). Clearly I don't need to tell you about the group of woman wearing matching plastic grape-bunch necklaces for you to tell this is a classy crowd. We started on the less popular (and lucky for us popular doesn't necessarily equal best) side of the lake and were able to go to several wineries that weren't participating and a few participating wineries that weren't overwhelmed. We did skip one because we could hear a woman's drunken screaming while we were still at the previous winery. Things didn't get bad until after lunch. Several places were so loud we just turned around and left but there was one that Dv really wanted to try. The place was crazy inside but we wedged ourselves in at the tasting counter and I was promptly served wine in a dirty glass with a fruit fly in it! Ah, good times. Despite all the nonsense we managed to go to enough places that weren't insane and I had a good time. The entire weekend was like that, stuff kept coming up that could have ruined it but then it worked out. Dv was even sick as a dog on Friday but managed to recover fast enough to show me a good time.

I was going to post about Schaefer yarn today but I screwed up the pics (damn white balance). I will do my best to post about it tomorrow. In the meantime here's a shot of the one of the lakes (Seneca, I think).

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