Monday, November 27, 2006

Ithaca Farmers Market

My last Finger Lakes post!

Here's the waterfall we found when we couldn't find the market -

I have serious market envy. It's bad enough their supermarket can kick our supermarkets ass but their farmers market rules too. We went there for breakfast and ended up spending about $70. That's without buying any of the excellent looking organic vegetables or herbs or meat or hard cider and wine. I even resisted the yarn. Instead we bought a freshly made flat bread covered in apples and cheddar from this guy, who brought his own wood-fired oven
Had an excellent apple cider donut (or two), Dv bought a new belt (totally unrelated!). Tried the corn fritters from the macrobiotic stand and bought this cutting board from Raintree Farm

The other side is perfect but I really like that evil little face in the lower right corner on this side. It is made of walnut and buckthorn. Buckthorn is an "invasive weed tree" but it makes for a pretty board (and it's dead now!).

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Devorah said...

Got to love Ithaca! I spent 2 years there and it was always surprising me in wonderful ways. Great cutting board!