Monday, November 13, 2006

I don't want to blog today.

Ages ago my sister and I convinced my parents to take in another cat. The latest was a kitten and once we convinced our mom we brought her to the vet. The vet told us she was too young to be fixed and to come back in a month. We kept her indoors but Zig hadn't accepted her role as an indoor cat. One night before the month was up she snuck out and came back pregnant. She had two kittens and we kept them. Siren bonded with my dad over a mutual love of the recliner, and Bear shared an ice cream craving sweet tooth with my sister. Zig was a tough creature being kept here against her will, she wouldn't look you in the eye and would cut you if you looked at her funny. Naturally she bonded with the teenager in the house (me). It's 15 years later and they have all hit old age at the same time. Siren was the first to get sick. He developed a thyroid problem and it's now under control. Then Bear lost a lot of weight. The vet thinks it's a kidney problem but we've caught it early and are treating it. Everytime something happens with them my mom tries to prepare me for the worst. I know she wants to protect me but I don't need any help worrying. Mom doesn't just worry about the worst happening, she completely expects it. All year I've been listening to her hint at the end and now Zig is sick too.

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