Thursday, November 16, 2006

Afghan Envy

I want to knit an afghan. A big cozy thing made out of whatever insanely colored stuff appeals to me. The sort of yarn that just doesn't lend itself to clothing like oh, I dunno, Colinette. Or maybe some sublimely comfy Malabrigo. Kureyon looks incredible knit up into Lizard Ridge. I'd have one of those on my needles as soon as I saw the pattern if it wasn't for one little thing. I'm clumsy, I live with someone who is, well, lets just say I've threatened to buy him a sippy cup more than once and then there are the cats. Two lovable, hairball hacking, shedding balls of surprises. I'm not about to hand wash an afghan whenever one of us has a gravitationally challenged moment. I'm horribly jealous of all the people on the Lizard Ridge KAL. Do they really have spill & hairball free homes? are they only going to use their afghans for show (heresy!)? are they just insane in denial? Feel free to tell me about the great hand-dyed *washable* yarns out there and shut me up. Until then I'll just contemplate making a blanket from sock yarn.

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TheAmpuT said...

I'm in the afghan craving zone, too. I'm drooling over Lizard Ridge, but what I really want is the more modern color block-y version / log cabin-esque (whatever they named it) thing in the Mason Dixon Knitting book...and I'd love to do it Elsbeth Lavold's silky-wool, but I'm thinking I want something cozier...and, for the same reasons as you, washable.