Friday, November 03, 2006

Wooly Wooly Lust

I've decided to go on a shopping diet. No yarn, no nothin'. After Rhinebeck and way too much online shopping I need to take a breather before the holidays. So what am I doing? Obsessing over everything I can't buy. This yarn from is gorgeous. Normally I don't go for the self-striping stuff but this is different, it's like self-striping yarn by Koigu. Luckily I'm not a fan of pink but if she paired those greens with periwinkle and blueish-purples I'd be all over it like a $2 whore. The other big object of my lust is the queen of all sock of the (every other) month clubs. I've always loved the idea of of-the-month gifts. What could be better than having a box of goodies arrive every few weeks? I'm trying to convince myself that I don't want it and I'd probably end up getting a bunch of ugly colors but who am I kidding? It's STR, I'm sure I could trade the inevitable ugly skein with someone. I'm even obsessing over stuff I wouldn't normally buy like Koigu 123a. The way it looks in a skein is blah but knit up into a Jaywalker and I'm in love. It looks exactly the way some dyes look when they "break" into their individual components. Here's a fun little exercise in frustration I like to play. 1) Go to Grumperina's Jaywalker Gallery. Either page is fine. 2) Browse the submissions nonchalantly. 3) Fall madly in love with a color. 4) Discover that the color is a) discontinued b) mislabeled and therefore a complete mystery c) only available in Germany or d) the product of an independent dyer who is flakier than the cereal aisle at Stop & Shop. Have Fun!


TheAmpuT said...

I'm pretty sure I had signed up on some list on the bluemoon website asking to be notified of the next STR club, but I had to hear about from you first.
That makes you evil, you know.


Gwynne said...

shhh, don't tell my computer but its working and all the letters are working right as well. so maybe i will be leaving you comments. none that actually have to do with your entries though.