Thursday, November 02, 2006

Christmas Knitting: Naughty or Nice?

You can deny it all you want but Christmas is going to be here way too soon. I had all these great ideas for what I would make people but haven't actually cast on for any of the projects. I'm not even sure if I will. Here's the problem. Me & deadlines, we don't get along. Plus if I only make gifts for some people I'm pretty sure other people will pout. And then there's my way of dealing with problems - throw it in the corner for a month (or two). That's not gonna work when we only have 7 weeks to go. Choices, choices. In the meantime I've picked out a bit of Christmas knitting for myself. The Tannenbaum Hat! I've bought the pattern, the yarn has been wound into a ball and hopefully I'll cast on for it tonight. I'm going to try to find some little bells instead of beads to use as ornaments. A tree shaped hat really isn't obnoxious enough, I need it to make noise too. That should also make knitting around the cats more exciting.

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TheAmpuT said...

I have serious deadline-itis. I'm only knitting for myself this year, and I bet none of it gets shoved into a bag and tucked away.