Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spring Time Resolutions

It's beginning to look like spring around here. Highways in New York are ablaze with forsythia and our parkways are flooding. Maybe that's why I'm so full of optimism and resolutions, especially green ones. At dinner last night, apropos of nothing, I told Dave that I'd like to try cloth diapering. Considering that we aren't even trying to get me pregnant (yet) you can imagine the look of bewilderment on his face. I quickly told him I didn't mean for me personally and we moved on. On a more imminent note I've resolved to bring the number of shopping bags I take home to zero. I always refuse bags when I can fit my purchase in my purse or tote bag but it isn't often enough. I have tons of canvas bags (I'm a sucker for a free-with-purchase tote) but they are too bulky to keep in my purse or pocket 24/7 so they only get used some of the time. My solution? Buy stuff! (Yeah, I know. One day at a time, OK?) I just ordered a few of these super-lightweight bags to keep in my purse and scatter amongst my family. I also bought one of these babies to try out. To my eye that last one looks like an armored paper bag. No one is gonna mess with my bananas!

Bonus link - A gorgeous bit of paper marbling. I would have named the pattern Lotus but that's just me.

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knittingiris said...

That dandelion picture is AMAZING! You know, until just now, I never noticed that they had those curly-q's at the tips of the petals. I just went out and picked one to get a closer look in person.