Friday, April 20, 2007


And on with the Random!

1. Imogen pattern from Perl Grey
Have you ever seen a cozier sweater? I'm ordering the pattern as soon as I decide if I want anything else from their selection of neat pewter buttons & jewelry. Angry monkey stick pin anyone? discovered via Knit Spot

2. Useful tip for users of Firefox - If you accidentally close a tab you can retrieve it by going to History and then "Recently Closed Tabs". You get back your tab with its history intact. Very neat. I only just discovered this so if everyone else knew it forever please just nod and smile.

3. My damn earrings. I bought these for $7 while stocking up on tees at Old Navy. I can not believe the range (or number) of people that have come up to me while I was wearing them. Everyone from trendy blondes to middle-aged women to an old rocker (who was sporting the oddest mohawk/mullet combo) loved them. I can't take all the attention (or maybe it's because they look handmade and I didn't make them) so I'm sending them to live w my sister.

Cat for scale

4. Cat Bordhi's Coriolis Sock Finally an episode of Knitty Gritty worth watching! I was beginning to think HGTV only showed the old episodes (I don't get DIY). The Coriolis sock looks easy and comfortable. It sort of wraps around the foot and I think this new construction will make for an extra comfortable sock. Now if only the publication date of her new book wasn't pushed back! I could have sworn New Pathways for Sock Knitters was coming out in May but the site now reads July/August.

5. The crack that is Socks that Rock (BTW they have some new colors up on their site). At Rhinebeck last year I left Dave on line at the Fold with a few skeins of STR. Ten minutes later he calls me away from the Brooks Farm booth so he can pick out some sock yarn. When I left he didn't want any. Did those evil women waiting with him on line convince him that he needed some? Did he just get caught up in the buying frenzy? All I know is now I have to knit a pair of size 12 socks for a man that refuses to wear short socks. I've been putting it off saying the one skein isn't enough and I need to get a coordinating one to do the toes, heels and cuffs. Maryland is two weeks away. My time is up.

6. Eye Candy. Sick of Hawaii yet?

A drizzly morning on the Trail of Devastation
in Volcanoes National Park

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Gwynne said...

1. Pretty.
2. Oooo, I didn't know that. Thank you.
3. YAY! I've actually been wearing big earrings and changing them on a daily basis. Using Paisley as comparison doesn't really work.
4 & 5. Socks are fun.
6. It looks like fire around the tree.