Sunday, April 01, 2007

Kitty Strokes and Turtles

So here's what I spared you since my last wordy post. 1) Finally booked the flight to Hawai'i the husband and I have been talking about for ages. 2) The next day Teddy (seen here licking a pumpkin) had what the doctors called a stroke. It looked like the lower half of his body was trying to roll across the room while the rest of him tried to get away. This was on a Friday and we spent the rest of the weekend going to the emergency vet for an ECG, blood tests and an extended blood pressure test so that we could find out that he has an enlarged heart and a very bad heart murmur but otherwise he's perfect. Long story short he's on medication and is back to his old self and his prognosis is good except for the sudden death part. I wish I was kidding about that last bit. We asked the vet what we are probably looking at in the future and that's what he said. In between there was lots of waiting room knitting on my clapotis. Big mistake. For months afterward every time I looked at my knitting bag it was with dread since I was sure I was going to have to rip multiple rows because of knitting too tight and who knows how many mistakes. In the end it wasn't as bad as I imagined and my mom's motto of eh, good enough worked fine. I also spent a whole lotta time watching Ted in case he did something weird. That was kinda like staring at a stuffed animal in case it gets furry. Once things with Ted calmed down it was all Hawai'i all the time. Everyone around me must have been sick of hearing about the islands, even my husband who was going with me. In the interest of not driving the rest of you away I'll start wrapping this up. The sands pictured in the last post are (from top to bottom) Lanikai (super soft), Punalu'u (turtles!) and the olivine (AKA peridot) was from Pu'u Mahana. Here are two sea turtles snacking on seaweed at Punalu'u.

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Devorah said...

Welcome back. I am so sorry about your cat. I hope he is doing better these days.