Saturday, April 14, 2007

I'm giving a bag of yarn the stink eye

I have a huge crush on Artyarns color #106. Some might call it an obsession. It started slow with a sample in my LYS and it wasn't long before I could spot a skein of it from across the room or in the crappiest of blog photos. Shades of lime to darker green, teals and a splash of brown-edged purple, whats not to love? You would think I have tons of it in my stash but I'm cheap and it's everywhere so I waited. I finally see it online for a nice price. 48 hours later it's in my grubby paws and I feel like I finally got to kiss a summer long crush only to find out he has bad breath. The purple edged with brown? Nowhere to be seen. Instead the yarn is dominated by kelly (shudder) green with some lime, a bit of olive, some sad looking teals and making a surprise appearance, navy. I've been disappointed by online purchases in the past but never by something I've seen in the flesh wool (multiple places!). I don't blame the retailer for this at all. I went back and checked the photo (you know, the one I ignored because I know what my beloved 106 looks like) and it looks exactly like what I got. humph

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