Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sacrificial Scarf

I'm sending my first* scarf off to be frogged and used in an afghan (along w the leftover yarn). I've never worn it. I suppose it's technically not even finished since I didn't break yarn after binding off. The bind-off didn't match the cast-on edge and I never bothered to research an alternative method since the yarn is pretty itchy. It was while knitting this scarf that I realized I knit combination style. I had no idea. Not that I've lead a sheltered knitting life or anything but the first time I saw someone knit in the English style I just thought they were left-handed. Anyway, the yarn should make a good afghan. Paisley certainly approves of its squishiness.

A close-up of the yarn, Air by Berroco, that shows off its nylon core.

*That is to say my first since I started knitting again last year. I'm sure I must have knit one as a child.

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Gwynne said...

Who are you sending it to?