Wednesday, October 18, 2006

So much for temporary

When I set this blog up I thought it would just be a temporary step. Just someplace to get over my initial worries and play around until I came up with a better name and decided who I should let in on it. Two weeks later the name has grown on me (yeah, I couldn't come up with anything better) so I put my webmaster (ha! that's the only time I'm gonna call you master, babe!) to work and we bought drumroll please . Whoo-hoo! I guess I better get my act together and start putting some effort into the posts and maybe let more than two people know about it. Oh and of course I'll make the place all pretty-like. Tomorrow I'll even have a FO.


Anonymous said...

Do all the voice in my head count seperately?

Jess said...

Unless some of your voices start leaving comments the # of people who know about this blog is still 2. So what do the voices think of the place?