Friday, October 27, 2006

I'm so Craftster circa 2005

And the award for dopiest color names goes to Artful Yarns* for their Reality line. The "Extreme Makeover" colorway actually looks like a giant bruise which is pretty funny. If the rest of the colors mimicked the shows so well I'd be impressed, too bad it's obviously just a gimmick. I guess now that the popularity of novelty yarns is waning yarn companies need to look for new ways to make themselves look foolish. Did I say something was going out of style? That can only mean one thing! Yup, I'm knitting with it. When I cataloged the stash I realized that I picked out the wool and fun fur to make the fuzzy slippers from Stitch & Bitch Nation ages ago. I'm glad I didn't try to make them back then. The instructions in S&B Nation read like they were written by committee. Once translated they are a quick knit and I should be rocking the muppetskin shoes by the end of the weekend. As long as I'm on the subject of novelty yarns how about some "Natural Novelty Yarns". This is Spincycle Yarns' The Mariners Revenge Natural Novelty Yarn I think I love it but I'm pretty sure that if it wasn't in one of my absolute favorite color combos I'd be making a rather tacky joke about someone standing too close to the spinning wheel. They have some really pretty yarns (and the best knitting tattoos I've seen). Has anyone used their yarn? I've only seen one mention in the blogs I read regularly and it wasn't a perfect experience.

*Speaking of dopey those twits haven't updated their website since their Fall '05 lines.


Gwynne said...

I agree about the Extreme Makeover yarn, I'm starting to have flashbacks.

TheAmpuT said...

I am HIGHLY entertained by Spincycle's yarn and pattern names. I mean, a butt brown handspun called "Fustic"?! And another called "Hello Nasty"?! Heheeee. And then the pattern for a "harf" (hooded scarf)?! Too cool ;-)
Thanks for the link.ddbzhhvw