Monday, October 16, 2006

Introducing Herman

Herman is a grapefruit sized ball of pure fury or as Ted thinks of him "my new brush". Upon hearing that my two little troublemakers will even eat my moss (who eats moss!?!) Mom decided some protection was in order. Dv is sure the cats are going to horribly impale themselves on the thing. He has even expressed concern that they will put an eye out. He might be projecting just a wee bit. Herman drew blood within seconds of greeting Dv. Ted's meeting was a little different basically it was sniff, ouch, sniff, ouch, sniff, ouch,sniff, ouch, sniff, ouch, sniff, ouch and then he realized he could rub on it like a brush. I might need to protect Herman from Ted. Oh and the name? "You know what's funny about Herrman? There's nothing funny about Herrman". Dv suggested Hold Me Touch Me. Better joke but crappy movie. The musical was so good but the 2nd movie was PAINFUL so I'm sticking with Herman.

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Anonymous said...

So who is inside Hermans Head?


A scared water balloon
Cat Repellent
A Saguaro