Thursday, October 19, 2006

Soggy soapy bags and the skein of dooooooooom

That is my soggy FO. It is a bag for a bar of soap. I'd link to the pattern but you really don't want to make this. Dv used it this morning and it is still soaking wet 15 hours later. Probably moldy now. But who cares because I used more of the Skein of Doom. This baby is one pound of Sugar N' Cream. I've also made an entrelac washcloth and the disdressed version of the string market bag and the thing can still take out a pig. Use me before I kill again!

Do I have anything to wear to Rhinebeck? Nope, too busy making cotton housewares. The nice thing about working with all this cotton is all my other yarn feels soooo good.

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Gwynne said...

just knit all your washclothes together and you'll have something to wear. please take pictures of all the crazy ladies and their crazy sweaters.