Sunday, December 17, 2006

Planning my next UFOs

Trekking is for Necking (close up here) Who doesn't need a 4"x93" scarf made out of sock yarn? While looking for samples of the trekking ombre colors knitted up I found Woll Factory. It looks like they carry the full line of Zitron and Regia along with several other companies and a bunch of Inox accessories I haven't seen. Did you know there is a 75% wool 25% bamboo version of Trekking called Pro Natura? I spent so much time browsing this site. There is an english version but it is ugly, doesn't have everything from the German site and they keep slipping back into German anyway so why bother.

Calorimetry - I think this would be a good use for the Fibre Co. Eden I bought last month. Just need to figure out the right # of stitches to cast-on with the yarn sub and the possible pattern error being talked about on the knitty boards. How cute is this cabled version?

Anemoi Mittens - Me and everyone else, right? I've never actually done any color work so I'm going to take my time picking out the colors for this. Maybe do We Call Them Pirates in the meantime.

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