Friday, December 01, 2006

Eye Candy Power Squid Message Super-Meme!

My Eye Candy -

Deno's @ Coney Island

The weather is so bad here that there are two trucks from the power company parked next door waiting for something to fix. Any normal person would find comfort in that. Not me though, I'm sure they will drive away about 5 minutes before we go dark.

Ages ago a certain squid asked about the first waterfall pic I posted. I intended to email a reply but couldn't find her address. I edited the post in question to include the name of the waterfall. I did this awhile ago but forgot to mention it here. Wouldn't want any of my loyal readers to think I ignore them.

Finally (and only because someone demanded so nicely ;) You've all heard about the guy measuring the speed of the meme, right? The post about it is here. Go read about it, link to it on your blog and ping technorati.

That's enough randomness for one day I think.


MsAmpuTeeHee said...

Did I??
I should go read myself.
I can't imagine me being demanding.
Especially nicely.

Devorah said...

Deno's! We tried to get there this summer but as we approached from the east what looked like a monsoon approached from the south so we high-tailed it north.