Thursday, May 10, 2007

What's that other thing?

You know the thing you do with yarn after you buy it and after you enter it into the spreadsheet? What could it be...
Oh I remember now! Knitting. Nice way to spend a car ride, that knitting stuff.

Yarn - 10.5 oz (about 1.32 skeins) Brooks Farm Duet NY D 13
Needle Size - 4.5 mm
Measurements - 84"x20" (approx)
Changes - Finer yarn and needles & 4 extra repeats in the straight section (I was afraid it would be too short).

The colors in the pic are completely wrong. The pale sections are pale spring green and the rest is much more purple. My camera has issues with that shade of purple and I couldn't correct it for anything.

It's a clapotis. The pattern rocks. What can I say that hasn't already been said? It shows off the variegated yarn beautifully. The only pooling is a purple splotch in the increase section and a matching green splotch in the decreases. I actually like it, they make me smile. I made two mistakes because I didn't stick to Kate's instructions. Duet is beautiful and soft and I love how the two plies look but the mohair content made it an absolute pain in the ass when it came to dropping the stitches. I had to poke at every. single. dropped. stitch. Then I blocked it a little too much and flattened the columns more than I wanted to. I really just wanted to straighten the corners but i just kept pinning and spritzing. Maybe it'll bounce back while it waits for the cold weather to return. I wish I knew of someplace that really blasts the AC so I could wear it now! Someplace besides the meat dept at Fairway, that is.

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