Thursday, February 08, 2007

Someone is going on my list!

This past week I've noticed that at least three of the blogs (FemiKnit Mafia, Squid Knits & Yarnageddon) I subscribe to disappeared off my Bloglines. I'm not sure when they went missing since I'm perpetually behind and it took a while to realize I hadn't read anything about Ms. 1890 or window chewing squirrels in weeks. Has anyone else had problems with Bloglines? Was this was a side effect of people being forced over to the new blogger? I wish I knew where to cast the stink eye.

Apropos of nothing here's some chocolate dipped cuttlefish.


FemiKnitMafia said...

I've heard that from other people too, and yes, it coincided with the switch to New Blogger. So I emailed Bloglines and they assured me that the feed is fine. But I'm skeptical.

Devorah said...

I also heard about this and but have not emailed Bloglines. That might explain my hit drop off. Google Reader does not seem to have the same problem as I monitor my own feed with it. I am still here and posting frequently.